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Charity Events

We plan and organise Charity Events from time to time. Please contact us if you want to propose a Home or Organisation or Cause that might Benefit from any Charity Events.

Liu Ren Patron Deity

Grandmaster Lee Chun Feng(李淳風) was a Minister of the founding Tang Dynasty Court. He was well versed in Astronomy, Mathematics, Meteorology and Divination. He was born around 604 AD and gained Enlightenment and attained immortality in 672 AD. His father was a local magistrate who later gave up his post to be a Taoist Priest. Grandmaster Lee received his early Taoist education at a young age.


Grand Master Lee Chun Feng(李淳風) is the founder of Taoist Sect the 六壬 Sect. He passed on his teachings in the form of Mediation, Talisman Drawing, Rituals, and Chants with the goal of aiding people in need.

We welcome new students who are interested to learn Liu Ren Divine Magic(六壬仙法).