About Us

Divineway Metaphysics Association of Singapore is a society registered with the Singapore Goverment. We were set up with the core direction to better of peoples lives. Be it through charity events, using traditional Chinese Taoist methods or modern methods.

Established in 2011 we are linked to the SHUNTO METAPHYSICS ASSOCIATION OF HONG KONG and participate and hold joint events internationally. Following their core values of using Metaphysical methods to better peoples lives and to develop a charitable heart and spirit which is also in sync with Taoism’s belief to reap merits through charitable acts, we are closely working on more Charitable events from time to time with organizations and beneficiaries from all races and beliefs.

We are open to working with people from all beliefs and backgrounds.

Please contact us if you want to propose a Home or Organization or Cause that might Benefit from any Charity Events.